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The Effective Communication in English program is designed by StudyLink International to help learners to enhance their confidence while communicating in English as well as complementing their vocabularies through specific situation exercises to gain the best result in communication.


  • The communication English program including 5 levels from basic to advance, which are appropriate for every student’standard.
  • Therefore, learners have to do English test in 2 forms before registering: writing and interview. 

Educating method:

  • Active Learning method (positive and active learning) helps learners to be creative and confident while communicating in every situation and context
  • Reaction method
  • Especially, while taking this course at StudyLink learners will have lots of opportunies to practice with foreign teachers as the number of learners in class is limited (10 -15 learners/class)

With interacting method, limited number of learners, curriculum is selected according to Oxford University, Cambridge, StudyLink International has educated over 1000 learners, with 65% of learners are preparing to study abroad.

StudyLink commits the quality of LEARNING & TEACHING communication english for all learners!

Learners’s benefit:

  • Professional environment for learning English, modern facilities, number of learners is limited
  • Certificate for each level
  • StudyLink Bee scholarship worths 20% of the next course will be arwarded for learners with the following qualifications:
    – Attending over 80% of total classes
    – Have the average score of 3 and above in learners’evaluation sheet

– Free to attend study-abroad seminars and meeting overseas university representatives

– Free to take entrance examination