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IELTS in an international test, focusing on evaluating 4 skills Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing. This is the most popular English testing system for student and immigrants in the world.

IELTS Certificate is officially recognized by more than 6.000 education departments and governments. Besides 100% organizations in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia; more than 2,000 American universities and specialized organizations, i.e: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, are using IELTS Certificate as an English requirement for students and employees. Moreover, IELTS is chosen to be one of the factors for student or immigration visa approval in Australia, UK, Switzerland, Canada.  

Our curriculum is specially selected and designed based on Cambridge University & McMilan Publisher materials, contributions of more than 1,000 international universities, colleges officially represented by StudyLink, providing students with study method s and skills to achieve the best IETLS result.

Training content:

  • IELTS level 1 (Foundation): basic knowledge about the test structure and basic skills to do the test
  • IELTS level 2 (Achieve): target score from 5.5 – 6.5
  • IELTS level 3 (Intensive): target score from 6.5 to higher

IELTS information:

  • IELTS test is held 3 times/month
  • Test result is valid within 2
  • Candidate can retake the test anytime

Free replacement test at StudyLink:

  • Free replacement test on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


  • Small-size class, modern facilities and environment
  • Completion certificate for each level


StudyLink Bee Scholarship, discount 20% tuition fee for the next class, will be awarded for students meeting the following requirements:

  • Overall participation of 80%
  • ·Achieve at least 3 points for Performance Evaluation

– Free of charge when attending study abroad seminars, workshops,  and meeting schools’ representatives
– Free IELTS placement test

– Assist in registering for IETLS test