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Profiles Pathway Planner

Ultimate goal: career orientation for students based on characteristics and interests.

Foundation: The more fit a person’s work is in comparison with his/her characteristics and interests, the higher the possibility of job success and satisfaction.

Note: PWP does not assess an ability to be good or bad. Instead, it shows the individual’s tendency in each trait and then identifies the level of job fit.


Assessment’s structure: 3 sections

Section 1: Thinking style
Assess thinking style as well as method of application to information processing and learning based on verbal and numerical questions.

Section 2: Behavioral Trait
Assess tendency in the 9 basic behavioral scales. à Overview about behavior style in life, studying and working.

Section 3: Interests
Characteristics of jobs are divided into 6 categories. This section identifies the top 3 categories which are the most suitable with the assessment taker. à The assessment taker has more motivation when working in an environment possessing characteristics of those 3 categories.

Career Orientation feature:
Based on characteristics about behaviors, thinking style and interests along with the 3 choices of job clusters by assessment taker, the assessment gives suggestion about jobs within the chosen job clusters which also ensure the suitability with the assessment taker.


Job source:

ONET library (

Including over 30.000 job profiles, collected and stored by The US Labor Department.

In the individual report sent to assessment taker after finishing the assessment, the suggested jobs comes along with codes so that assessment taker can use it to access ONET website and read information about the job for reference (including: job description, task, required knowledge, competencies and skills, tools…)

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