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  • InfoTV is the Vietnamese television channel that delivers a variety of media programs in the field of economy, finance, stock market and real estate in Vietnam. The channel is scheduled for 24-hour programs of which six are broadcast live from the InfoTV studio. The mission of channel InfoTV is to bring a large amount of updated news to audiences in regards to the matters of global finance and economy.

  • HTV is the official television channel of Ho Chi Minh City, which is under the administration of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s committee. HTV channels are divided into three different categories including entertainment, advertisement and gameshow. HTV services the majority of people living in Ho Chi Minh City and its neighbors. HTV is the second largest Vietnam television broadcaster and first to Vietnam Television – VTV

  • Vietnam Television, or VTV, is the national television broadcaster which is under the administration of the Vietnamese Government. VTV broadcasts are relayed nationwide via a network of provincial and municipal television stations. There are 6 VTV national channels, 5 VTV regional channels, the hundreds of paid VTV channels, 5 regional broadcasting centers. Additionally, VTV offers the broadcasts to international audiences via satellite transmitter; which are supported by 8 central offices of VTV located overseas. Currently, VTV has collaborated with nearly 30 television channels and more than 10 television stations worldwide.

  • Muc Tim, which was established on 25 November 1988, is the first tabloid for the young Vietnamese teenagers. Muc Tim is the workplace of a great deal of well-known Vietnamese writers, poets whose tabloid articles are written for the young Vietnamese teenagers. In 2003, Muc Tim published the monthly Muc Tim newspaper, Muc Tim Online MTO, Muc Tim On TV, which nationwide remarks a stage of the dissemination of online news and tabloid articles for the teenagers.

  • Saigon Times Online, which was established on January 4, 1991, is the leading newspaper specializing in the business and economic issues. The newspaper attracts a large number of audiences including entrepreneurs, directing managers and any of those who are interested in the economy of Vietnam. Saigon Times Online not only demonstrates and analyses the emergent issues of the economy of Vietnam and the trend in business life but also shows the existence of many social and cultural matters in the stage of development. The newspaper is the workplace of lots of both local and international professional journalists and staffs of freelance journalist.

  • Tuoi Tre is a major daily newspaper in Vietnam and it has published many different categories of the printed newspapers including Tuoi Tre daily, Tuoi Tre weekly, bimonthly Tuoi Tre Cuoi and Tuoi Tre online. Tuoi Tre newspaper is published nationwide and it is the leading newspaper in the field of business management. It has grown to become the largest printed newspaper in Vietnam. http://tuoitre.vn/”