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About Summer Study Program

Summer study abroad today has become a new trend for many Vietnamese students, bringing meaningful experiences, opening visions into a colorful world, improving foreign languages ​​& cultivating communication skills while at home.

What is "summer study abroad"?

Summer Study Abroad is a 2- to 4-week short-term study abroad program for students aged 7-18. Summer study abroad becomes diverse under the combination of many forms of cultural experience, knowledge exchange, and foreign languages. In addition, summer study abroad is a time for students to live independently, expanding their opportunities to integrate into the international environment for the future.

Benefits of Summer Studying Abroad

1. Save money for summer study abroad

A summer study abroad program is much more economical than a long-term study abroad program. Parents can also join the course with their children while learning information and helping their children prepare for this short-term independent journey.

2. Improve foreign language and social knowledge

Since the Summer Study Abroad courses only last a few weeks, it will be very suitable for students who want to try to experience life in other countries. In addition, the Summer Study Abroad program is designed to be very flexible, adding social knowledge and discovering life experiences to help students have a meaningful and fulfilling summer.

3. Discover a new culture with multinational friends

Summer study abroad is an opportunity to experience and discover world cultures through famous landmarks. Through this study of life outside Vietnam, it will also help students improve their understanding and open their eyes to knowledge beyond books.

Not only that, but the program is also a bridge connecting young people from many different countries to learn and exchange their own culture. From there, they know the difference, master the value of the cultural identity of each country to prepare themselves for a solid journey to study abroad in the future.

The purposes that Summer Study Abroad will bring to you:

Exercise independence

After a few weeks of studying abroad, children will experience independent living without their parents. From luggage, taking care of yourself, or arranging a time to study and have fun… all will help you grow up in the preparation process.

Develop life and study skills

This is not only a fun and entertaining summer break but also an opportunity to develop English language skills with native teachers. Activities in the summer study abroad program will be an opportunity for students to practice soft skills in life such as leadership skills, presentation, teamwork, interaction, and decisiveness necessary for the future.

Future study abroad luggage

When they get acquainted with the foreign environment from the Summer Study Abroad program, they will not be surprised with their future study abroad plans. In addition, when participating in short-term overseas courses such as summer study abroad, it will help to apply for a student visa easily and easily.

StudyLink's summer study abroad program combines the best language classes with vibrant leisure activities, giving students the freedom to enjoy their summer vacation. Let's allow them to have a great experience for the upcoming summer!