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SAE is the world’s leading educational institution in creative media industries. The academy is equipped with advanced technology to provide the best environment for students to excel their full potential.

General information 

Established in Australia in 1976, SAE currently offers courses to more than 3000 students across six campuses in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. In 2004, SAE had a merger with Qantm College, one of the first institutions to offer the Games Design program. With this collaboration, Qantm has expanded into the global scale of digital media education. In early 2011, SAE and Qantm became part of Navitas – a leading global education provider and now known as "SAE Australia".

Strengths and Achievements

During the past 38 years since its establishment, SAE has always maintained its commitment to providing leading experts in the field of communication with high-quality training curriculum and following the actual needs of the market. 

  • SAE Institute is the world's largest creative media training institute.
  • The school has the most up-to-date and professional teaching equipments 
  • SAE is the exclusive partner of Middlesex University (UK) for sound, film, multimedia, and animation.
  • Professional and experienced teaching staff.  
  • SAE's degrees are accredited and recognized worldwide, so SAE students have a high competitive advantage. 
  • The school offers training programs from certificates up to master's degrees.
  • Facilities
  • SAE Institute has 54 campuses in 27 countries around the world. SAE was established in 1976 and has 6 campuses located in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, with more than 3000 students. 
  • The Academy is equipped with modern c facilities to ensure the best conditions for students to excel their fullest potential

Courses and Programs 


  • Animation 
  • Audio & Music
  • Creative Industries
  • Design 
  • Film
  • Games

Cost of study

Bachelor degree in Australia: 54.200 AUD

Entry requirements

  • ≥ 18 years old 
  • Graduated high school 
  • IELTS 6.0


The SAE International Scholarship Program rewards outstanding international students applying for a Bachelor degree. 


One x 15,000 AUD Tuition Scholarship

Bachelor Degree*

15,000 AUD Tuition Scholarship for a high achieving Year 12 student applying for a Bachelor degree commencing in February 2022 (*diploma available in Adelaide only) studying full time.

  • Campus Available: Any campus locations (1 x scholarship available)
  • Discipline Available: Animation, Audio & Music, Design, Film, Games Development
  • Grants Available: 1 per campus location.
  • Eligibility criteria: 

Applicants must meet SAE’s published entry requirements

Applicants must agree to SAE’s International Applicant scholarship policy

Applicants must be new commencing students who have not previously studied with SAE

Applicants must be 17 years of age  turning 18 the first year of study or older

Applicants must be international students, residing within Australia and hold an international student visa




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