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Practical English Program

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StudyLink Practical English Program is guaranteed to give you confidence and improve your spoken English, whether you are still in school or already in the job market. The program delivers realistic and practical tasks, rather than banal grammar lessons. Most importantly, the program is tailored to each individual student’s level for the best results.

The Practical English Program consists of 6 levels from basic to advanced. Students will be assigned to a suitable class by doing a level test.

English teaching methods

We apply Active Learning methods to encourage enthusiasm and a proactive approach. This ensures that students will gain complete confidence in any conversational context.


The curriculum is Straightforward from Macmillan publisher bringing you the latest, most efficient knowledge in language training.

With our state-of-the-art teaching methods, curriculum and experienced and qualified staff, we have delivered full satisfaction in building confidence and English proficiency for many students – over 80% of whom are international students.

Why choose StudyLink English Center?

  • Entry level test is free of charge.
  • Reasonable tuition fees.
  • Streamlined courses to fast-track your learning.
  • Diversity in training methods: from direct training to distance learning, private tutoring or group tutoring.
  • A flexible learning program with specific pathways at each stage to reach your goal.
  • Professional and experienced teaching staff.
  • A convenient, comfortable and relaxed learning environment.
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