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Australia is a beautiful country with world-class quality of living, one of the world best education system, safe, friendly communities from coast to coast for international students.
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Australia Student Visa Policy

Australia is a country with up to 3 cities ranked in the Top 10 most livable cities in the world, offering a multicultural learning environment with reasonable living and studying costs and many government scholarships for international students. Not only that, because Australian qualifications are recognized internationally, job opportunities are opened widely to students after graduation.

Under the new Australian Student Visa Processing System, called Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF), all international students will apply for the same type of visa for all study programs (subclass 500) and need to meet the following conditions to be considered for a student visa:

  • About the educational and working process: Average or above.
  • Note: each program has specific entry requirements, and some programs will have higher entry requirements.
  • Have a certain level of English, be able to take the entrance English test of the school (for schools that allow), or provide international English certificates equivalent to IELTS at least 4.5 or higher (depending on entry requirements) to be arranged by the school to study  English the appropriate number of weeks in Australia prior to entering the main course. Particularly, the Primary program does not require proof of English, while the High School program allows students to study about 20 weeks of intensified English before entering the main course, in case students do not have proof of English. 
  • Have a continuous learning and working process that contains enough paperwork to prove it. In case of gaps in the learning and working process, it is necessary to give a reasonable and convincing explanation.
  • Study plan in Australia: Obvious, reasonable, understanding the value of the course is expected.
  • Financial: Some education institutions eligible for priority visas do not require proof of financial status in their visa application, but students still need to have clear, complete, and sufficient financial support. Also, provide appropriate documents to ensure that the student can afford the costs for the duration of the student's studies and living in Australia.
  • Immigration history: Students and all family members need to have a good immigration history and provide honest information about immigration history in order to be considered for a visa. 
  • Health: Good health, in case of having highly infectious diseases (tuberculosis, hepatitis B ...), you can treat until stabilization, and you will be considered for a visa. Students must purchase international student insurance for the entire course to be considered for a visa and to buy health insurance for dependents and guardians, if applicable.
  • About the personal background: no criminal record.

An Australian student visa allows students to enter Australia multiple times while the visa is still valid. The guardian accompanying the student will apply for a guardian visa (subclass 590). Immediate family members (spouse and dependent children under 18 years old and unmarried) can accompany the student to Australia and be considered for a dependent visa.