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Australia is a beautiful country with world-class quality of living, one of the world best education system, safe, friendly communities from coast to coast for international students.
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How to study well in Australia

How to study well in Australia

The beautiful nation of Australia - A magnificent country with a top-quality education that engages students from all over the world. Not only attractive to the young generation, but Vietnamese parents also consider choosing Australia for their children’s learning journey. 

By the end of 2020, among 686.104 international students who traveled and studied at Australian educational institutions, 24.000 of them were Vietnamese, excluding the ones who studied directly outside of Australia.


Benefits of studying in Australia

  • Australia owns a world-famous academic background with a long history along with flexibility. Universities in Australia provide international students with diverse options on study programs, based on their needs and personal interests. 
  • Universities greatly support international students by providing opportunities to do research and get postgraduate training. 
  • Reasonable study and living expenses as well as an abundance of scholarships from schools and government.
  • Part-time jobs are allowed while studying in Australia with up to 40 hours/2 weeks during the study period and full-time during holidays. 
  • Open opportunities for jobs with internationally recognized qualifications after graduation. Moreover, there are various visa programs such as the postgraduate work visa that can last up to 4 years (visa 485) or the skilled worker that attracts a lot of Vietnamese students.  
  • Australia is close to Vietnam, with 8 to 9 hours of flight time. Australia also has a major Vietnamese community with over 300.000 people in all the cities that are in the top 10 worth-living cities worldwide (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide,...); a secure, multi-culture with friendly people. 

How to get the best experience while studying in Australia?

  • The Australian teaching method is practical, which encourages independent thinking, creativity, and discussion. Teachers try to accommodate students with thorough knowledge of a topic rather than memorizing word by word. Therefore, students have the chance to promote active thinking, speaking, and asking questions.
  • Requires making plans clearly and specifically: For the first few weeks, you may feel normal and be able to organize your schedules well. But when the work starts to overload, you can easily feel frustrated and have a difficult time deciding which one to prioritize. Then, a study plan has to be made from the beginning to master the learning process. 
  • Schools in Australia always invest in facilities to ensure the best learning conditions for students. As a student, you have the right to utilize all the school’s services and resources allowed for your study, so don’t be scared to use them. 
  • Be confident and be open to making more friends in your study environment as well as actively participate in clubs to expand your relationships. 
  • Remember there are always student support offices at school for you to tentatively share or seek support when you have difficulties. 
  • If you are interested in the hospitality industry, Australia is a great choice as your study abroad destination. Australian schools provide quality training, with paid internships for this major.

Let’s live in Australia!

  • Australia is a beach paradise, with many on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world so besides learning, don’t miss the chance to visit them.
  • Take the opportunity to work and earn extra income in Australia. Adding more relationships and quickly integrating into the new culture. 
  • Participate in volunteer activities to practice soft skills and improve your communication. Make new friends in order to integrate faster with the new community. Universities often have volunteering activities. You can also find volunteer work at the local job center. 
  • In Australia, the stay and work policy for 2-4 years after graduation is a great chance for students to find a job and settle down permanently in Australia. 

Australian visa services which are available at StudyLink

  • Student visa
  • Guardian visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Visa 485 ( allows students to stay and work for 18 months- 4 years after graduation)
  • Skilled independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Visa for dependents (spouse, children) accompanying international students
  • Marriage visa
  • Short and long term work visa
  • Immigrant visa for investment, business

Full package study in Australia with StudyLink

For more information about studying in Australia, detailed cost plans, and necessary luggage, do not hesitate to contact StudyLink office for consultation and support.

Since 2004, besides supporting customers throughout the process from applying for scholarships, contacting, providing finance to guiding application solutions to ensure the highest possible visa success rate. StudyLink also supports package services such as visa support for accompanying family members, or visiting international students, purchasing health insurance, organizing study trips in the summer, cultural exchange, and settling in Australia.  

Furthermore, StudyLink also assists parents with learning and living situations when facing difficulties with international students, helping parents feel secure even when their children are far away.

StudyLink is currently an authorized representative for enrollment advice for more than 200 prestigious schools in Australia, including English language centers, high schools, colleges, and famous universities:

17 years of experience as an Australian study abroad consultant.

The rate of visa success to Australia is close to 100%.

Coordinator of Australia’s Full and Partial Scholarship Fund, up to A$3 million. 

As a prestigious unit, authorized to coordinate the only annual Australian Cultural Exchange program in Vietnam for 2 gifted high schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Le Hong Phong and Tran Dai Nghia.

The Director of StudyLink was an Australian student, former Director of the Education Department of the Australian Consulate General, Former President and current Executive Committee of the Australian Alumni Association in Ho Chi Minh City, and Vice President of the Vietnam Union of Overseas Study Consultants (VIECA).