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Study Australia

Australia is a beautiful country with world-class quality of living, one of the world best education system, safe, friendly communities from coast to coast for international students.
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Costs to study in Australia

Australia is a charming, attractive destination for students worldwide for their studying and experiencing adventure. The journey would be much cheaper and more affordable depending on theologies, your study level, and your study location. But not to be worried since StudyLink has prepared a list of studying and living costs for you. Now, let's take a closer look and get financially prepared.

Tuition fees in Australia

  • English: from 200 - 500 AUD per week
  • Primary and Secondary school: from 10.000 AUD per year
  • Undergraduate Pathway or Foundation: from 20.000 AUD per year
  • Vocational College: from 10.000 AUD per year
  • Association College: from 20.000 AUD per year
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate: from 20.000 AUD per year

Living costs in Australia

Minimum living costs in Australia around 21.041 AUD per year

Average accommodation costs:

  • Dormitory: 90-280 AUD per week
  • Shared apartment: 85-215 AUD per week
  • Campus: 90-280 AUD per week
  • Inn : 235-325 AUD per week
  • House rental: 165-440 AUD per week
  • Boarding schools: 11.000-22.000 AUD per week

Living expenses:

  • Groceries and eating: 80-280 AUD per week
  • Gas, electricity: 35-140 AUD per week
  • Telephone and internet: 20-55 AUD per week
  • Public transportation: 15-55 AUD per week
  • Car (after purchase): 150-260 AUD per week
  • Entertainment: 80-150 AUD per week
  • Basic rate for an apartment: 197 AUD per month

Other expenses:

  • Medical insurance: ~500 AUD per year
  • Student Visa: 638.82 AUD
  • Flight (one way): from 650 - 800 USD

Ways to solve financial problems to study in Australia:

Financial supports: 

The Australian government always supports and creates chances for international students to study, research and develop themselves in Australia. Some of the Australian government’s scholarships:

Australia Awards

This is a prestigious international scholar that the Australian government provides to support Vietnam to become an industrialized country in 2020. This scholar also meets the needs of raising the number of human resources in Australia. 

The fellowship from the Australian government is a short-term full-scholarship for Vietnamese students with a Master's degree. These branches of study will be prioritized: Economic Governance and Development, Transportation, Water and Sanitation, Education, Gender Equality, Agriculture and Rural Development, Climate Change, Disability, Regional Stability, and Human Rights.

Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Australia Awards Endeavor Scholarships and Fellowships offer international students chances to study and research, develop in Australia for international citizens (Vietnamese included). The scholarships contain groups of:

  • Managers aim to develop expertise in Australia in the areas of business, industry, education, and government
  • Short term research
  • MBA or Doctoral
  • Vocational Education Training (VET)    

Part-time jobs earnings: 

According to the policies, international students are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per two weeks in the study period and 40 hours per week in the break period.

Part-time jobs salary are between 10 - 25 AUD per hour

Besides, you should notice the difference between casual-job and part-time jobs. With a casual job, you don’t necessarily have to work on specific hours and don’t have to commit to a regular job like waitress or waiter, kitchenmaid,… These jobs don’t usually provide labor interests. They pay by cash and pay on the hour. On the other hand, a part-time job can give labor insurance, and payment assuring to the government’s regulations.

Studying abroad in Australia is a dream for many students. It is extremely necessary to get mentally and financially prepared before conquering your own dream. With 15 years of experience in study abroad consulting, English training, and international educational project management, StudyLink will offer ways to achieve Australia’s scholarships, advice on the branch of learning, and advice on choosing the most suitable school; also give you the perfect preparation to study in Australia.